7. Toning University: Learn To Tone Like a Master Colorist


Earn 2 CE Hours (IL stylists only)!

Toning University: Learn to Tone Like a Master Colorist! The 5 Laws That Every Master Colorist Uses for Successful Toning

Learn toning formulas other than your one “go to” favorite. The reason you are often nervous about getting the color right is because you know that sometimes your favorite “go to” formula isn’t the right color for the situation you find yourself in. In this class, you’ll master the approach to dealing with any color result, whether it’s too light or too dark, over or under processed. This program will cover the 5 main laws that every master colorist follows when approaching any situation we find ourselves in.

  • A Refresher on the Laws of Toning
  • Recreating the Color Wheel
  • Rediscover the Contributing Pigment Chart
  • Discover Complimentary Tonal Values
  • Lighten Dark Hair with Precision

FORMAT: In Person Look & Learn AND Virtual Live Options
WHERE: HTB Learning Studio 1150 Davis Rd., Suite E Elgin, IL 60123
TIME: Starts at 1:30pm to 3:30pm
FEE: $49

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  • A Refresher on the Laws of Toning:
  • Recreating the Color Wheel: You know the 3 primaries Red, Yellow, and Blue. What about the other colors? Take a deep dive into why the secondary and tertiary colors matter just as much and sometimes more.
  • Rediscover the Contributing Pigment Chart: Understand where color lives at each level and how to deal with it accordingly. You’ll learn how to break this down into 3 main zones and how to subdivide each zone for perfect tonal control.
  • Discover Complimentary Tonal Values: Master these so it will never turn flat, drab, or mud. Never have to hear a client ask for a color that has no red but still has warmth.
  • Lighten Dark Hair with Precision: The main concern is it turning red. Why does this happen? Understand how lighteners, bleaches, and developers work.
  • Bring Light Back to Dark: Find the right approach to choosing the target shade of color. Learn when to choose to fill, cover, and/or deposit a filler color vs a target shade of color.

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May 22nd, 2023

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